Here’s a sample of some of my paintings and drawings. There’s a lot more where these came from and I’ll try to continue adding them to the site.Please contact me at for more information.


handicap greymelt greenpastelhead golddots goldblur flipsmoke  emerginghead dancer1 circlered buddiews babyriverdetail babyriver abstractblue abstract3 weirdbeach twofaces sunset1 pinkabstraction patterndetail pastelnew  pasteldoghead orgydetail2 orgydetail orgy mirrorshot mint kirbydetaillight kirbydetail1 kirbydetail kirbyblur jupiterbasketballdrawing facesdraw facetrip rune blacksun IMG_0857 IMG_0697 patternhead friends pencildetail moshcolumn spiritleaves rune weirdjudgedrawing uterus  redplain rainbowpool rainbow lecture kluteposter jamsesh  hotelroom griffincomputer gradientred blahblah beachblanket